Naturally, I believe every individual has dreams and visions of what he or she wants to achieve from a professional perspective.  As a young child, I loved to teach younger children nursery rhymes and would gather them together and teach them skills in child development. I have always had a passion in dealing with children, and to that end, I find myself pursuing a career in early childhood development. My purpose in this field is to take care of children and make a positive impact because every child is entitled to lead a productive and satisfying life, devoid of deprivation of the necessities of life. My determination is to teach and bring up children who will be leaders of tomorrow. Early childhood is a very sensitive period in a child’s life and it requires special attention because it sets the stage for what the child will be for the rest of his/her life. For this reason, I believe that guiding the child early is the answer to a productive adult.

In the future, I will be armed with the base knowledge and resources needed to make a positive change in childhood development. I am a believer in community development and touching lives from the grass root level. Due to my resilience and hard work, I strongly believe that I will develop numerous early childhood development programs tailored to meet the needs of children at a community, state and federal level. My plan for early childhood education at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center where I currently work is to provide a detailed early childhood development program for children who are medically challenged so that they can still be intellectually equivalent to their mates who go to school daily.

Serving children is a challenging but rewarding profession, I devote my time to meeting their needs on a personal level so as to maximize their abilities and reduce their limitations. Understanding family dynamics and belief systems is very important as well. I’ll encourage families to participant in the plan of care for the children with the goal of fostering growth.

 Ultimately, I will earn my PH.D in business so I can own an early childhood development center for low income families. I aspire to initially serve the communities in which I was raised, because I want to be that glimmer of hope and opportunity to children with same socioeconomical hindrance I encountered. Then I envision myself expanding my services through all communities offering the same advantages I didn’t have to a vast array of children.   

My role is to teach children on various elements that would help them grow in all perspectives. Children require close attention, and that means their teacher should always be close to them in everything they do, during both classwork and play.  Instead of the teacher instructing them on what to do, he or she allows them to come up with ways of doing things. However, by not providing answers to the children, the teacher allows them to find their answers by creating a conductive environment for learning. As such, this allows the children to develop mentally and physically.

In conclusion, my mission statement is based on my lifelong passion of taking care of children and engaging in early childhood development. To meet the challenges ahead, I am currently studying for my master’s degree so as to gain the base knowledge needed for the task ahead.