I have important paperwork that I will need you to complete before I can begin caring for your child. I will need you to keep me informed of any address or phone number changes in case I need to reach you. 
You are welcome to come to my home anytime during my regular daycare hours. I will keep my doors locked for the safety of the children, but just knock and I will quickly let you in.
If you will be late picking up your child, you need to call me or text me and let me know ASAP. The daycare is closed promptly at 6:00 p.m.  Picking up after 6:00 p.m. is not an option.  If there is an avoidable emergency and you are late to pick up, there will be a late fee of $1.00 per minute added onto your next usual weekly fee.
Payment for childcare is due each Monday morning prior to the week’s care. I accept cash or check payments.  A $10 fee is added onto the regular week’s payment for each day that payment is late. If payment continues to be a problem, then care could be terminated.  
  • If the daycare is closed due to a holiday, your weekly payment is still due in full for that week. 
  • If the daycare is closed for 1-2 days in one week, your weekly payment is still due in full for that week 
  • If the daycare is closed 3 days or more in a week, then your weekly rate will be prorated. 
  • If the daycare is closed all week for a personal vacation, no payment will be due. I will always notify you in advance of any daycare closures.
  • If your child is out sick, your payment is still due in full for that week.
If you are planning a vacation please let me know at least 2 weeks in advance. While on vacation, you must pay your regular fees in order to hold your child’s space. These rules are for full and part time children. By paying your regular daycare fee each week, you are holding your child’s space. 
Your child’s immunizations MUST be completely up to date before coming to the daycare. There are no exceptions due to the Texas State Law.  Immunization records will be kept on file for each child who is not yet attending public school.  A child will not be allowed to attend the daycare if their immunizations are not up to date with no exceptions. 
I ask that the children arrive bathed and smelling fresh and clean with a clean diaper and clothed appropriately each day in daytime clothing. No pajamas unless you have a baby under 12 months old. Disposable diapers only (no cloth diapers). The children remove their shoes upon arrival, so please make sure your child’s feet are clean. Please keep the child’s fingernails trimmed to avoid scratching of themselves, the other children and the furniture.
I provide nutritionally balanced breakfasts, snacks, lunches and drinks for the children. The children drink either milk or water.  I do not provide any type of juices or sugary drinks.  All meals and drinks are included in your weekly fee. 
The only things I do not supply as far as meals is: 
  • Formula for infants
  • Jars of baby food
If you have an infant that is drinking formula or specific types baby food, then you would need to maintain a supply for him/her.  If your child is on a special diet, then you would need to supply their meals as needed.
Please do not bring your child to the daycare if he or she is sick.  Please use your best judgement if you feel that your child is too sick to be around the other children. Please call or text me by 8am if you’re child is not coming that day. 
If your child has a contagious illness, they cannot come to the daycare until:  
  • They have been cleared by a doctor stating that they are no longer contagious and are clear to be around other children (Usually 24 hours after antibiotic treatment has begun and/or 24 hours after symptoms have subsided: Depending on the illness). 
  • When I, the Daycare Provider, give the final ok for the child to return to the daycare, per my own daycare policies.


If your child is ill over a weekend or when away from the daycare, please be sure to let me know so that I can be aware in case the other children have possibly been exposed to a contagious illness. If I, the Daycare Provider, feel that your child is too sick to be at the daycare, I will call you to pick up your child ASAP. If your child has a fever of 100 degree or higher, I will be calling you to pick up your child ASAP. Your child must be picked up within that hour that I call notifying you of the illness.
Your child cannot attend the daycare with a fever of 100 degree or higher and the child must be fever free for a minimum of 24 hours before returning to daycare. That means fever free without the aid of a fever reducing substance. Giving your child Tylenol to reduce the fever before arriving to daycare in the morning is unacceptable because the fever will reappear once again and the child will still have to be sent home. If the child has a fever of 100 degree or higher, I will call you to pick up your child as soon as possible.
Reasons why the child cannot come to daycare:
*  Fever of 100 degrees or higher
*  Cold with yellow or green nasal discharge
*  Constant clear runny nose
*  Productive cough
*  Persistent phlegmy cough
*  Croup
*  Strep Throat
*  Gastroenteritis (Stomach Flu)
*  Flu
*  Persistent diarrhea (even if a reaction to antibiotics)
*  Vomiting
*  Ringworm
*  Chicken Pox
*  Hand Foot Mouth Disease (Herpangina)
*  Coxsackie Virus
*  Fifth Disease (Slapped Cheek Disease)
*  ANY type of rash or blisters
*  Mumps
*  Impetigo
*  Pink Eye
*  Contagious Styes
*  Head Lice
*  Scabies
These are just examples of contagious illnesses of when your child needs to stay out of daycare. Each individual case is different and may require more or less time out ~ but will always require a doctor’s note to return stating that the child is totally well and non-contagious in order to return. If you feel that your child is sick with a contagious illness, please verify with a doctor that your child is clear to come to daycare before bringing him/her to the daycare. Then confirm with me, the Daycare Provider, if it is okay for the child to return to daycare. 
This is for the protection of your child, all other daycare children present and the daycare provider. A doctor’s note will show that you’re child is cleared by a doctor, but you must abide by the daycare sick policies first, regarding when a child can or cannot come to daycare. It is my hope to keep the daycare as germ-free and sick-free as possible.  Once ONE child comes to the daycare sick, he or she is exposing everyone to that illness. It can be a horrible sick cycle! So lets keep it healthy. If a child continually comes to the daycare sick and the parents do not abide by the daycare sick policies, then childcare will be terminated by the daycare provider. 
We will assist in potty training and encourage parents to participate with our efforts.  We will begin to assist with potty training here and encourage you have established some training practice at home.   We believe that a child should go through the potty training process only when they are “ready”.  If you try to push a child to potty train before they are ready, they sometimes will fight the process and make it more difficult in the long run.  
Signs that your child might be ready for potty training include:
  • They are staying dry & clean for longer periods of time
  • They are showing interest in using the potty 
  • They can verbally tell you that they have to go potty
  • They enjoy using the potty
During the potty training process,  we will ask that your child continue to come to daycare in diapers.  Once your child is not having accidents, verbally telling us that they have to go potty  and overall being successful in using the potty, then we will ask that you bring your child pull-ups to use at the daycare as well.
Please do not bring your child in pull-ups unless they are regularly & successfully using the potty. If a child uses pull-ups too early, they will just consider them “fancy diapers” and will continue to soil them as if they were diapers, which defeats the whole purpose of what a pull-up is for… which should be thought of as actual underwear.
 Potty training takes a team effort of the daycare parents and the daycare provider. 
We keep track of every payment that you make for your daycare payments through out the year. At the end of the year, we will be giving you a receipt along with special form for you to use when you file your taxes with the dollar amount of how much you paid for the year with our tax I.D. # so you can claim this on your taxes. Please do not add any dollar amount you may have paid another daycare provider onto Next Generation Academy’s  tax I.D. #. If you do, the IRS will most likely follow up with you if the dollar amounts do not match.
We ask that the children:  
  • Do not hit, push, bite, spit, kick, scratch or pinch each other. 
  • No name calling, teasing, bullying or using bad words.
  • No mistreatment of the daycare items or furniture.
We do not use any kind of spanking or demeaning words to discipline children. We try to emphasize to the children to use their words and communicate with each other and to myself. We will re-direct them to another activity when there is a problem. 
The first two weeks of daycare is usually a trial period to see how your child fits in with the other daycare children. The children we care for are all very sweet to each other so we try to maintain a great group of children that get along with one another as we feel that is VERY important.  We do not allow a child to stay in the daycare if they cause any type of bodily harm to another child.  
The daycare contract may be terminated by the parent by giving a 2-week notice prior to the ending date. The parent must pay for the last 2-weeks after giving notice if the child attends the daycare the last 2-weeks or not.  The contract may be terminated without any notice by the Next Generation Academy Daycare Provider if the parent does not abide by the contract rules and policies or if the child is not adjusting or a good fit for the daycare.